Drugdu.com (Ddu) attended CPhI China 2017 for new pharmaceutical industry pattern

June 24, 2017  Source: Ddu 304

CPhI China 2017 was held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center from June 20 to 22. As the leading global pharmaceuticals and medical devices industry platform, Ddu presented a wide range of services which connect the traditional medical industry with the Internet including one-stop service solutions, buying offer sharing of global exhibitions, credit verification and so forth.    

Matching Service of Cross Border Medical Business

This is the second time that Ddu has attended CPhI, attracting numerous visitors’ interests. Both suppliers and buyers spoke highly of Ddu’s online B2B pattern which would provide convenience and new pharmaceuticals industry to them. 

In order to increase the exposure of high priority members’ products, Ddu did some advertising and spread promotion brochures throughout the exhibition center. The fast matching service system was also released to automatically match sourcing request for suppliers and agents’ intent.

With Ddu’s promotion, Himega Bioharm reached a cooperation intention with Atlantic Delights, a high priority member of health care products. Mr Hu, the sales manager of Himega Bioharm, stated that they found Atlantic Delights in Ddu’s promotion brochurFe. After the negotiations, the two companies reached a cooperation on fish oil.


Sharing of Buying Offers in Global Exhibitions

Information asymmetry is the biggest limiting factor in the medical cross-border trade. Most of the pharmaceutical and medical device companies  engage in traditional business. Exhibitions are the main way for them to attract new customers which require lots of time and money but with limiting factors such as long distance and information asymmetry. 

In order to help users to expand channels and improve business efficiency, Ddu launched new services at CPhI Shanghai, for example, a buyer at CPhI Shanghai scanned the QR code and posted a sourcing request. The buying offer will be shared in upcoming exhibitions such as Interphex Japan, In-pharma Japan, IN-PHARMA JAPAN, CMEH Shanghai and CEEP Shanghai. 

This service received positive comments and praise from visitors at CPhI. Dennis Hair, the senior specialist of Chemwerth Pharmaceutical Technology, said, “I post my sourcing request on this platform, from which suppliers from other exhibitions will be able to find me easily. It is so convenient and efficient. ”

The debut of Credit Verification

Due to the increasing importance of partners’ certification and credit verification in the cross-border trading, Ddu launched a credit verification service. With the cooperation of leading global qualification institutions such as SGS and TÜV, Ddu’s credit verification is an objective, strict and detailed verification service on basic information and qualifications, aiming to help users build brand integrity, promote core competence and increase exposure of brands and products in global markets.

Companies engaging in the credit verification service will be presented and promoted through multiple channels to improve competitiveness in an influential way. Global buyers using Ddu are able to find reliable pharmaceuticals & medical device suppliers and reduce trading risks. During the three-day exhibition, there have been nearly one hundred suppliers joining the service.

You are welcome to visit www.drugdu.com for more latest information.



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