Ddu’s successful synchronization service in Hospitalar & CMEF

May 20, 2017  Source: Ddu 196

Both the Shanghai CMEF 2017 and Sao Paulo Hospitalar 2017 came to an end recently. As a global leading pharmaceutical and medical device B2B online platform, Ddu attended the two fairs, showcasing products of high priority users. 

Shanghai CMEF 2017 and Sao Paulo Hospitalar 2017 are the two most important fairs in the medical device industry and together the two fairs attracted over 5,200 exhibitors and 300,000 visitors from all over the world. Here Ddu explained and communicated the integration between the B2B online industry and the medical trade to exhibitors and visitors.

With Ddu’s creative internet model, they attracted numerous visitors and exhibitors. In Both Shanghai CMEF 2017 and Sao Paulo Hospitalar 2017, Ddu presented a new service: buyers from both exhibitions released their sourcing requests after scanning the QR code, all sourcing requests were collected and simultaneously displayed via an online website and an offline live screen. Through this creative technology Ddu breaks the limits of time and space,  gaining much praise from both visitors and exhibitors.

Qi Mingjun, sales manager of Beijing Aeonmed Co. Ltd., spoke very highly of the synchronization service, “I scan the QR code to release an agency request and it is presented both on the LED screen and the website. The most important item is my request and this is also displayed in Brazil. It means I am able to join both the exhibitions at the same time.”

There were countless exhibitors interested in Ddu. Reims Eric Andrade from Brazil Comprehense Medical Equipment said, “We have been planning to develop the Chinese market for a long time but have been struggling to find a suitable channel. I just tried your website and found that there are detailed categories and a comprehensive database. We hope Ddu would be able to recommend some agents to us as well as a registration service.”

Due to the wide variety of information shown at both exhibitions, hundreds of quotations have already been posted with over 10,000 exposures. As a result, various users have found the business partner they were in need of.

Ddu’s credit guarantee system will be launched soon. Credit conditions are measured by the business operations of a company to avoid trading risks. Both suppliers and buyers are looking forward to this brand new credit guarantee system and 22 users have already joined it.

Ddu is the leading global pharmaceutical and medical device B2B online platform. It has finished its Pre-A round of financing. Connecting the medical cross border trade through the Internet is a special service in China. Ddu is dedicated to providing a cost-efficient way of conducting business to the pharmaceutical and medical device industry. Ddu will attend CPhI China in June of this year. Stay turned for more outstanding service.   


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