China International Medical Devices Exhibition 2018

January 19, 2018  Source: Ddu 4,024

After successfully holding nineteen sessions’ exhibition, CMEH has experienced rapid development over the past years and has now become one of the largest international medical equipment fair. Exhibits cover a wide range including medical electronics, medical imaging equipment, ward nursing and auxiliary equipment, medical supplies, sanitary materials, in vitro diagnostic reagents, optics, first aid and rehabilitation care and health information technology, providing direct and compreh ensive service for medical equipment industry from the source to the entire medical industry chain terminal.  Each session would attract over1,000 medical device manufacturing companies from more than20 countries and many government procu res,  hospital buyers and dealers from over 30 regions and countries to engage in exchanges and communication.  With the expansion of participants, visitors and exhibition areas, CMEH has been held in Beijing, Shanghai respectively.



Shanghai Juyi Exhibition Service Co., Ltd

China Association for Medical and Health

China Medical Communication Association


Suppliers can:

Through CMEH 2018, know and contact high-quality buyers at low cost and become suppliers of many potential foreign buyers;

Through CMEH 2018, have face-to-face communications with buyers and directly know the needs, strategies and purchasing trends of buyers;

Through CMEH 2018, convey your own contact details and corporate culture to buyers at the exhibition, this is a marketing opportunity at the lowest cost;


Registration and Move-in: 9-10 July, 2018,  

Opening ceremony: (9:00—9:30) 11 July, 2018

Exhibition: 11-13 July, 2018                

Move-out: afternoon, 13 July, 2018


Scope of Exhibits of CMEH 2018

Medical imaging: CT,DR,medical X-ray systems,ultrasound diagnostic instrument , magnetic resonance equipment , tumor therapy apparatus,medical film, etc.;

Medical informatization: medical call system,Internet medical,wearable medical treatment,  medical software,  medical remote system, intelligent medical equipment, etc.;

Medical devices: medical equipment,B-mode ultrasound,Various new-type medical instruments and auxiliary medical devices and equipment,

Clinical laboratory: IVD,clinical laboratory analytical instruments,clinical laboratory  auxiliary  equipment  and  consumables blood transfusion products, etc.;

Rehabilitation care products: wheelchairs,crutches,walker,incontinence care hearing aids,  handrails,  lift platform, physical training equipment, etc.;

Medical materials/consumables: medical bandage,  gauze,  masks, Medical gown, medical adhesive plaster,  cotton balls,  dressing, gloves,protective film,disposable materials supplies, etc.;

Family health care: sleep monitor, blood pressure, oxygen generator, therapeutic apparatus,  massage chair,  pedicure machine, foot bath, etc.;

Other products: medical disinfection,  medical furniture design and manufacturing, medical treatment, medical auxiliary equipment,medical testing and other related medical products.


Secretariat Office of the Organizing Committee:

Shanghai Zhanya Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.



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