Emergency medical devices and equipment for every office

January 26, 2018  Source: Ddu 300

Accidents happen and emergencies arise in every office and in every industry and being prepared for situations such as these is vital.

Among some of the most common work place emergencies are heart attacks, breathing difficulty (such as asthma), sprains and cuts causing excessive bleeding. Having the right medical equipment at hand could ensure that a manageable condition doesn’t turn fatal. Of course, this also means that training staff members in basic lifesaving courses should be a priority for every company.

Assessing the most likely emergencies to occur in your office environment is the first step to acquiring relevant medical devices and equipment.
We have compiled a short list of basics but be sure to thoroughly assess your own workplace and build on this list where necessary.

I. Well stocked first aid kit
The most basic of all is a good first aid kit. Band-Aids, antiseptics, gauze, cold packs and slings are all fundamentals. These materials are necessary for preventing blood loss and infections as well as easing pain.
Along with the aforementioned items, scissors, tweezers and disposable surgical gloves should be kept in the kit.

II. Mist Inhaler

It’s estimated that one in 12 people have asthma and the numbers are constantly growing. Having an inhaler ready for sudden attacks is simple as well as easy to operate.

III. Automatic External Defibrillator
Heart attacks can occur anywhere, including the office (especially the office). In America alone, over 600, 000 people die of heart disease every year. An AED is a portable medical device product which analyses the cardiac rhythm of a patient and, when needed, discharges an electrical charge to stabilize the rhythm. Having someone who is trained in using an AED is, of course, essential.

Once you have a good reserve of medical supplies, be sure to establish an emergency protocol. Establishing a plan of action and assigning various responsibilities to specific staff members for an emergency event is beneficial to the whole company. Of course, these are all measures that will assist medical personnel with a wider range of medical devices and supplies once they arrive on the scene and should always be considered as such.  

By Ddu