Take Care of your Hygiene with these Hygiene Consumables Suppliers

September 6, 2018  Source: Ddu 776


Hygiene consumables are essential commodities in day-to-day life. Maintenance of sanitation is a necessary practice to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. Effective sanitation requires good quality hygiene products. Ddu (Drugdu.com) cares about your personal hygiene and hence gives you access to the best hygiene consumables suppliers in the industry.

Guangzhou Double One Latex Products Co. Ltd.is a hygiene consumables supplier from China displaying its products on Ddu. It specializes in the manufacturing of male latex condoms which are an indispensable product for protection against sexually transmitted diseases.

The single-use disposable hygienic latex condoms provided by Guangzhou Double One are available in different variants. The three variants available on Ddu are:


1. Natural Latex Perfect Fit Combined Type Spike Condom: Made with natural latex, big dotted in front, tighten in the middle, ribbed in the end, close-fitted. ISO4074, WHO2003, CE, ENISO4074, ASTMD3492 standard. Available in different flavors.


2. Natural Latex Romantic G Spot Women Female Condom: Made with natural latex, G spot dotted, ISO4074, WHO2003, CE, ENISO4074, ASTMD3492 standard. Flavoured, length, width and lubricating oil can be customized.

3. Ultra-thin Feel nothing Male Condom: ISO4074, WHO2003, CE, ASTMD3492 standard. Made with natural latex, ultra-thin, customizable color, length, width and flavor.


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