Nanobot Pumps can Treat Neurological Damage

August 28, 2018  Source: The Verdict 337


Nanotechnology-based drug therapy is gaining popularity since drugs can destroy the exact target without creating any side effects via this method. This has led to scientists doing research on nanotech-based treatment against neurological damage.

Recently there was a scientific report proving the mobility action of enzymes during a catalysis reaction. Considering this statement as a clue, scientists from Pennsylvania State University made natural enzymes to move with the help of a pumping motion for developing nanobot pumps. As part of the treatment, the scientists used these nanobots to destroy harmful nerve agents. These destructive nerve agents are organophosphates, which lead to permanent neurological damage.

Organophosphates can be deactivated with the help of an enzyme named organophosphorus acid anhydrolase. At first, this enzyme should be immobilized on a therapeutic drug. Then this drug should be embedded into a nanobot pump, which acts upon organophosphates and deactivates it.

Ayusman Sen, the principal investigator of this study said, “The enzyme actively pumps in the organophosphate compound and destroys it, and at the same time pumps out an antidote.”

These research findings will be presented at the 256th National Meeting & Exposition of the American Chemical Society (ACS).

After looking at the success of this research, the scientists are planning to use these nanobot pumps for protecting the clothes of military personals. The enzymatic nanobots can also be used for enzyme-powered drug-delivery system and insulin-pumping devices for diabetes.

By Ddu

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