K Health Announces Launch of Free Primary Care App and $12.5 New Funding

July 19, 2018  Source: MobiHealthNews 256


K, a new free primary care app was launched by the individualized health information company, K Health. The app’s AI scours through the history of diagnoses and treatments to provide the user with the most likely treatment of their condition and can simultaneously connect them to a network of primary health care providers.

The company also announced a new financial backing of $12.5 million by participants like Mangrove Capital Partners, Lerer Hippeau, Primary Venture Partners, BoxGroup, Max Ventures, Bessemer Venture Partners, and Comcast Ventures.

K Health has data resources of more than 1 billion physician notes, lab reports, treatments, prescriptions, and other interactions. It aims at bringing this huge data at the behest of healthcare consumers. The new app’s AI gives users an idea about how their disease has been diagnosed and managed in the past. This makes the consumers aware of the severity of their condition and they can connect with a primary care physician, if required.

It is conspicuous that K Health aspires to be an alternative to ambiguous online search engine results. The app is HIPAA-compliant is available for free on iOS and Android, for adults between 18 to 65 years of age.

Allon Bloch, CEO and co-founder of K Health, said in a statement,“We all know the feeling of waking up at 2 a.m. and researching our symptoms online even though we know it’ll only make our anxiety skyrocket, ultimately making things worse. Today, if you go online and search for something as simple as a cough, you’ll see millions of results ranging from the common cold to cancer.”

By Ddu