ICU Ventilator ideal for hospitals

October 4, 2018  Source: drugdu 104


Ventilator machines are emergency medical equipment which assists a critically ill patient to breathe. Apart from emergencies, ventilators are also very useful in ICUs wherein terminally ill patients require breathing support.

The ICU ventilator available on Ddu (, among others, is the Pneumatic Driven Electronic Control Ventilator supplied by the reputed Chinese manufacturer Henan Forever Medical Co., Ltd.

This ICU Ventilator is a universal multi-mode Ventilator.  It has a multi-functional feature as well.  It can be used for clinical breath first aid and respiratory therapy as well. It is an ideal breathing apparatus for the ICU of a hospital as it is equipped with the control, auxiliary/control, intermittent instruction, manual and other breathing patterns, as well as breathing is not positive pressure, sigh and other respiratory function.

It has a large 10.4 inch TFT color LCD display screen. It is fitted with a dual flow sensor to ensure that the breath and inhalation is more secure and accurate. Additionally, it has a power-off-delay function.

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