Former Women Executives at Google, Flatiron and Progyny Start Mobile Fertility Pop-Up

August 3, 2018  Source: HealthcareITNews 188


Kindbody, a women-empowered startup was launched on Tuesday by Gina Bartasi, Progyny founder and other women leaders, remarkably co-founders Fahimeh Sasan, MD, from Mount Sinai, and Joanne Schneider, former product leader at Google and Flatiron Health, and Cynthia Hudson, clinical embryology and IVF expert and owner of Manhattan Fertility Specialists. 

Cecilia Lum was also an employee of Flatiron and NYU Langone Medical Center before Kindbody. Kindbody employees include Jeannette Norris, previously a senior project manager at One Medical and Shilpa Patel, who was earlier employed at Oscar and currently deals with legal and business affairs for Kindbody, amid others. 

Kindbody aims to create a nationwide network of women's healthcare services at pop-up and structured locations intended to implement technology for a superior patient experience. The company’s prime focus is on fertility services and then to venture into mental health, nutrition and gynecological services. 

"Healthcare is bifurcated and siloed, but it doesn't have to be,” Bartasi said in a statement. She added that her goal is to reinvent the current healthcare delivery system by offering a range of facilities based on “true vertical integration” of all women's healthcare requirements.

Kindbody is investing in both a central data platform and patient-targeted devices to turn this dream into reality, according to Schneider. “We think there are many ways to bring cost down that are good for patients and for business.”

Schneider feels that there's been sparse patient-friendly innovation concerning fertility. She additionally notes that one-third of all fertility clinics are still dependant on paper charts and direct online scheduling is offered by none.

"We know there's demand for innovation and more cost-effective treatment,” said Sasan. “We believe in the consumerization of healthcare, and bringing care directly to the patient is imperative.”

By Ddu