Five Top Medical Device Start-Ups

August 21, 2018  Source: The Verdict 268


The demand for novel medical technologies seems to grow continuously. Hence there has been an increasing number of start-ups in order to fill the gaps by providing innovative solutions to persisting health issues. In this article, we will have a brief look at five of the world’s most promising medical device start-ups.

Rubi Life

This US-based medical device start-up is one of the joint winners of the Digital Health Technology Show’s Start-Up of the Year Award 2018. Rubi Life has earned a good name in the pregnancy device market since it has created the world’s first sensor containing a passive fetal wearable monitor named Rubi that can track fetal movement in the third trimester.

Livongo Health

This California-based start-up enables diabetic patients to connect to a virtual care team. This company completed a $105m round of funding, which would be further used to support market growth by developing the consumer platform.

Day Zero Diagnostics

This medical device start-up combines machine learning and genome sequencing to diagnose and treat infectious diseases within five hours rather than spending days using current methods. Their Day Zero device can analyze entire genomic sequences using the microbial resistance database named MicrohmD.

Prellis Biologics

The mission of this company is to address the unmet need for transplant-ready organs. Hence, it is currently developing a laser-based 3D printing technology to create functional human organs.

Clinical Science Systems

This Netherlands based company is another winner of the Digital Health Technology Show’s Start-Up of the Year Award 2018. Their eeg.service platform specializes in developing a electroencephalography (EEG) related technique in order to provide better results, compared to the currently available models.

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