Basic Info about Digital Thermometers

September 3, 2018  Source: drugdu 142


A basic indispensable device in a doctor’s clinic, the thermometer has come a long way since its invention in 1714 to serve the purpose of calculating temperature. Fevers being a common presentation of many diseases, a thermometer is required quite often in hospitals and clinics. The first thermometers were mercury based which have now evolved to the present day hi-end digital thermometers.

Digital thermometers, being mercury-free, contain thermistor in their tips which accurately and quickly calculate the body temperature and are usually equipped with display screens. not only offers basic digital thermometers but also the new-age infrared non-contact digital thermometers.

The high-end digital thermometers available on Ddu include ear or forehead digital thermometers or both. The infrared sensors fitted in some enable a hygienic no-contact technology to measure the temperature. They come with big LCD displays which enhance the readability of the measured temperature. These digital thermometers are a perfect choice for pediatric healthcare settings where every other child presents with an infective fever.

By Ddu