5 Essential Medical Hospital Supplies

August 16, 2018  Source: Ddu 207

1. Hospital beds


Good quality hospital beds are a must-have in any hospital. An excellent hospital bed will be conducive to the rehabilitation of patients and reflects the quality of service of a hospital at the same time. Ddu offers a variety of hospital beds at the best prices online.

2. Emergency trolleys


Emergency trolleys are widely used in hospitals, care homes and private clinics for ventricular fibrillation, respiratory paralysis and ventricular tachycardia treatments.

Emergency trolleys are equipped with medication cassettes and several drawers containing various prepared essential medicines and medical tools such as disposable syringes and a defibrillator for emergencies and urgent cases.

3. Medical garbage cans


A medical garbage can is highly wear-resistant. It is used to hold used disposable hygiene product waste such as used masks, disposable vinyl gloves, cotton wipes and dangerous materials like needles and syringes. A medical garbage can with a foot pedal will avoid direct contact with the human body while also preventing bacterial and viral infections.


4. Folding wheelchairs


Wheelchairs greatly amplify patients' mobility needs. Wheelchairs like the manual ultralight aluminum wheelchair, are affordable, foldable and made with an aluminum alloy frame in order to support long periods of sitting. This offers much-needed relief for patients who are disabled patient, have cerebral palsy, autism or any other conditions which renders them immobile.

5. IV stands


IV stands are one of the most common medical devices in a hospital and are designed for elevating infusion bags, pumps and infusion filters. They usually have two or more hooks and five legs with roller ball bearing casters providing smooth transport and maneuverability. The height can be adjusted with screws or friction-grip locks.

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