4 Wearable ECGs EKGs Monitor and Their Features

September 5, 2018  Source: Ddu 300

Wearable ECGs and EKGs monitors bring digital technology and healthcare together and can greatly improve the lives of people who have heart diseases such as tachycardia, premature heartbeats, arrhythmia, and psychological pressure. With these advancements, it’s like your doctor is with you all the time to monitor and record your health.

1. Yeeroo H1 Portable ECG


The badge shaped Yeeroo H1 portable ECG detector is an intelligent monitor provide the remote, dynamic, and Real-time monitor when tachycardia and bradycardia occurs, it sends SMS alerts to the guardian’s phone. It is extremely light and thin, with the built-in sensor and ergonomic design, ultra-lightweight/thin, fit and comfortable.

2. Chero CH-E2 ECG Patch


An ECG Patch is mainly used for preliminary screening of chronic cardiac diseases, post-surgery recovery monitoring and vital signs for the middle-aged and elderly. It also provides real-time monitoring of ECG, temperature and respiration. This patch is ultra-flexible, ultra-thin with ultra-low power consumption and has Bluetooth technology.

3. Rencare Mi-Rhythm Bluetooth Holter ECG


The unique feature of this device is that it can be bound to multiple guardians. It displays the heart rate and ECG waveforms in real time and provides real-time access to health records to ensure quicker diagnosis and treatment of conditions. Patients’ history records can be viewed at any time.

4. Seigrand SGE-01A Smart Wearable Dynamic ECG Monitor


Wearable ECG/EKG monitors have no wires, cables or electrodes and they can be used at home, at work and on during any activity. Analysis reports can be obtained instantly after a quick 30 seconds measuring which will be saved on your smartphone or tablet for reference. Their size can be adjustable making it a perfect fit for all body types.

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